1984: Come and Gone, and Returned.

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I am going to draw some analogies here between today’s “normal” life in America and the situation the characters find themselves in. in this incredible novel written long ago by George Orwell. Of course I am referring to the wild yet depressing novel “1984”. At the time it was written, the year 1984 was a very long way off. In the story, written in 1949, Orwell describes objects that would not exist yet for another fifty years or so. He brings to life such items using a telephone dialer to digitally search and retrieve historical news articles from a database (which are then modified to match the “Party” version of history. Homes have cameras installed by the “Party” and deploy digital spying using video and sound analysis. And it goes on. These things did not exist in Orwell’s life prior to writing this book. For that reason alone you should read it. Orwell goes on to paint a picture of life in a highly dystopian society, completely swallowed up and under the heavy hand of a powerful government gone very bad. Enter “Big Brother”. The benevolent leader who only has the “very best” in mind for all the people. Of course, this is all good for you and for society they say. His image is plastered everywhere. Like he’s watching, because he is. Yes, if you are wondering, this is the novel where the name “Big Brother” was invented and that name, among many other terms used in today’s conversations. Ever heard of the “Ministry of Truth” or the “2 Minutes Hate” ? I am sure you’ve heard people refer to an “Orwellian World” I guarantee it, you are living today right in the midst of life with increasing government over-reach and “government approved” hate speech. All you need to do is prove that you hate the right group and you will be loved.

This article is pretty dark for a Mall Story. Still we highly recommend reading “1984” by George Orwell


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