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It’s kinda dark in here. To find your way back to the Main Mall just look for any of these exit signs.EXIT to Main Mall uhh…except this one. 🙂

5 Story Mall Arcade is OPEN

Games will start in a new browser window. And when you close that window the game is then catapulted thru a wormhole to another galaxy beyond the Milky Way where there are no databases and no search engines to power them back here.

Food and Drinks are Totally Allowed: You Spill It… You Clean it.

@boss “We’re really sorry about this”
if you’re this tall you can play in here

More cool “Tribute” games are on the way as soon as the dev team gets back to work.

Tribute to PAC-MAN

To PLAY our Free Mall Tribute Game “PAC-SNAC” click anywhere on the Console.  A New Window will open in your browser.

Play all day for FREE ! When you close the browser window it will be gone. And we do mean gone… like really gone. We save nothing. Welcome to the 5 Story Mall, we won’t make you leave at 9pm.

Tribute to Outrace

Free Mall Entertainment. Please fasten seat-belts when driving over 100 mph. Otherwise, it’s cool.

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EXIT to Main Mall
Exit to Main Mall