What’s up with the Pink Pig?

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Many people are asking:  “Hey 5 Story Mall, what’s up with the pink pig ?

Does the pink pig have any special meaning to the 5 Story Mall?  We wanted to know so we asked the 5 Story Mall Web Development Team what was going on.  The answer did not really surprise us. Here’s what we found out.

Q:  @DevTeam,  silly question but why are you using a Pink Pig as your “Newsletter Subscribe” icon?

A:  “It was the first image that came up when we searched for something pink”.

Q:  Ok, leaving aside why you needed something pink,  can you explain that a little further?

A:  “Sure!” said one of the newbies on the team,  here’s how it works.  The Mall Owner has provided us with a database of over 500,000 graphics and images to choose from, license free.   The manager pays $13.00 per month for the access, and we get to use them however we like” he said.

Q:  Gotcha, but you still haven’t really answered my question.  Newsletters don’t have anything to do with swine.  Why a PIG ??

A:  Well we saw a lot of other options come up when we searched on the term “pink”,  but something about this little guy just made us fall in love with .. it..  We’re not actually sure if it’s a girl or a boy.  But we instantly branded it with our Logo and we’re really happy with it.

Q:  Will you ever consider a more serious or relevant icon in the future? 

A:  It depends,  switching out a couple icons and recreating the html links is no big deal,  but after a year or so we believe our “5 Story Mall Pig” may get a name and appear all over the mall so “he” may be easier to deal with just going with it for the duration.

Q: Do you think this article will gain many viewers?  I mean it’s not exactly that interesting of an article.

A:  The “world wide web” (aka W3, Internet, web, cyberspace) continues to surprise us.    We’re shaking our heads wondering how it ever got this far in the first place.

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