Why does TV still exist?

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I think the answer is easy when you think about it. First let’s answer why the very first TV show was created, and for that matter lets go on back to why the first radio show broadcasts were made to hit the airwaves.

Do we think they may be created to provide an outlet for all that talent and news content? It was just sooo good that somebody was going to pick it up and make it available to the world for free? No. And No.

There was actually never a radio show or TV show that was ever made just out of sheer goodness. They are created and published and promoted for one single reason over all others; the advertising dollars. In fact, isn’t it the truth that the advertisers sponsoring every show are the actual source of ALL THE MONEY ??

Except in the case of “subscriber TV and streaming channels”, if you are watching it, listening to it, or reading free content, that means without exception somewhere an advertiser is hoping to get your attention and they are ultimately paying for the show, production, actors, commercial time, you name it. The goal is for the content to get one glorious thing in return…. REFERRALS. Referrals to a product in hopes that the viewer (the referee) will someday buy something. That is the core reason every show was ever made. It’s just that simple… and this website (5 Story Mall) is no different. Free Websites such as the 5 Story Mall are ultimately funded by the advertisers.

In today’s world, everything is a referral! Google, Bing, TikTok, Meta and others earn huge sums of money as they have replaced traditional advertising with the new form of “tv commercial”. Online advertising budgets are consumed hourly for one thing… referrals. It’s the new currency. Just imagine earning $0.75 every time someone on planet Earth searches for “places to eat” and you got paid when they clicked on just one of the results. When the searcher clicks on just 3 of them that’s $2.25! You would be vastly wealthy within days.

So why do TV Shows still exist when the Internet has taken over so much of marketing? Simple. It still works. IF it ever stops working (don’t hold your breath), that will be the end of TV. Our only hope is that the quality of the content being produced continues to get better. Poor content and viewers look away quickly and just as quickly the income a show might have received takes a nose-dive and when it’s not producing advertising money (referral income), it won’t make the next season.

I’ve seen some shows disappear after only a few episodes. No profit, No show.


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